PE_girlsPhysical Education classes have just finished the cooperation unit and are starting into the kicking unit. Students have experienced a variety of activities that involve practicing strategies and teamwork.
To be successful in the activities students had to harmoniously use communication skills in an assertive, calm and effective exchange with others. The varieties of activities also provided students with basic knowledge on target muscle groups worked in certain exercises. Knowing the muscle groups being worked while exercising is a basic competent of creating their own fitness programs later in life and are therefore of great importance to health as they age.
Middle School 
PEStudents have finished the anti-bullying and cooperation unit in which the primary focus was teamwork and respect towards others. After building a foundation of conflict resolution skills students will be implementing their own team decisions in the sport education model. With the basketball unit just underway students have finished their NBA style draft testing and are now learning the rules and basic skills involved in the game.
When the basics of the sport are understood students will be placed on teams and given roles within their teams. The roles expected of the students are team coach, promotion manager, fitness manager, score keepers, and officials. The responsibility involved in each team role will be focused on building leadership skills, mathematics, and improving overall knowledge of the sport. ​
-Mr. Poole

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