Mrs. B’s Kindergarten

Ms_B_class_3We have been learning all sorts of things the first week of Ms_B_class2school! We have been learning letters and sounds, recognizing numbers and counting, learning to read our numbers one through five and our color words. We also know about 5 frames. Do YOU know what a 5 frame is? But most of all we have been learning to be good friends and work as a team!

-Mrs. Bresnahan

Ms. Lee’s Kindergarten
Ms_Lee_classIn Ms. Lee’s Kindergarten class, we started the year off learning the structures of school and basic principles of working together in the classroom. Although rules and procedures are still being enforced, the class is growing and fostering their independency quickly! We began with learning the letters in the alphabet and learning our numbers 0-10.
Currently, we are learning sounds to the correlating letter and building fluency between the number and number words between 0-10. The picture above is a math game the class was playing that builds one-to-one correspondence and numeral numbers from 1-6.


-Ms. Lee

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