Welcome to third grade! Come into our classroom and you will see a giant pictograph on the wall that the class created all together. We used cupcakes as the symbol to graph how many birthdays are in each month. The students have been referencing this pictograph and learning ‘key words’ about it. Also, they were able to come up with their own questions to solve about graphs!
McG_classThere are plates everywhere! Why are they stapled together? Students stapled two plates together to create a venn diagram, and it made three circles. They were able to read two stories, compare/contrast them and use key words to signal if it is a similarity or difference between the stories.
Do you have water, gummy bears, baking soda and vinegar lying around your house? Great! You can complete an experiment we just did in class. Working in teams, students went from station to station completing a task. They put gummy bears in different materials, left it soaking over night, and examined the gummy bear the next day. Every gummy bear’s appearance changed due to the different material it was left in. These third graders are quite the scientist!
Ms. McGuigan

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