Ms. Spear’s Superstars!
It is hard to believe we will soon be starting our 2nd month of 2nd Grade! I have been very impressed with the knowledge and skills that all of these students have, and it’s been wonderful to get to know each and every one of them more!
Our theme for Unit 1 has been ‘Kindness’, which has been represented throughout each story that we have read so far. The students have taken much time and effort to decorate our “kindness board.” All students have been encouraged to display something that reminds them of kindness, and we all have discussed and reflected on new ways to show kindness that we have read about in our readings so far.
In Science, we have been practicing making predictions about what we think may happen before different science investigations. One of the experiments we have done was “How many paper clips will fit in a glass of water?” which the students loved!
In Social Studies, we have been learning about ways to be a good citizen. I have loved seeing how often the students want to help each other and be good listeners. In math, we have been learning different topics and strategies, including how to “check” your work each and every time. I am very excited and looking forward to all of the great things to come during the rest of this school year!
-Ms. Spear



Mrs. Campbell’s Divers!

Second grade is having a blast with learning! In Language Art and Social Studies we are learning how to be a good citizen and being kind to our earth. We are learning how important it is to keep our earth clean and to not be litter bugs. We understand how valuable our resources are on our earth and will do our best to be the best citizen we can be every day.

20140920_111602On September 20th we had the opportunity to give back and attend the river clean-up. Just in our area we removed two trees, over a hundred cigarette buds, twenty-five plastic bottles, thirty plastic bags, and much more!

Thank you students and parents for contributing your time, we had fun!

-Mrs. Campbell


Mrs. Lewis’ Bloomers!

I am honored to be a part of each of my student’s academic and social growth. In our class we have established a culture of mutual respect. We also remind ourselves everyday that we are ‘here’ to learn and that’s what we have been doing!

Our Reading and Language Arts lessons have been centered around the theme of ‘Kindness’. Similarly, in Social Studies we have learned how to be good citizens and we are now learning about being responsible citizens; learning about our country, our government, and our constitution.

In Math, we have been reviewing numbers, place value, relations and much more. We are also practicing a lot of ‘Mental Math’ and using ‘Math Messages’ to kick-off our lessons. Our Science lessons have been interesting as we explore different tools scientists use. We particularly enjoyed measuring one another with tape measures and comparing our heights!

Helpful hands plant trees!

On Fridays, we spend time revising what we learned throughout the week so that none of us are ‘left behind’. When earned, students get to play educational games on the smart board and other fun but educational activities. My aim is to integrate learning into everything we do!

Mrs. Lewis

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