First Grade Room 1A

In our first grade classroom we are settling into a daily routine. The students have learned some of the routines and procedures that must be mastered so we can transition smoothly from one area to another. We finished our first unit in our reading series on schools. We have begun our next unit on Animal Homes. This week we read an informational book on crows. We enjoyed learning about how smart crows are and we did a comparison / contrast activity on crows and people. Then we read a story about a crow named Spike who was afraid of a scarecrow. In math, we are working on subtraction. We are using problems that are considered “real world” to practice our subtraction facts. Today, the students wrote subtraction number stories for us to solve. I have a class of scholars!

1A_Runyon      1A_Runyon_2

First grade is such an adjustment from kindergarten and the students are now adjusting well to rigors of first grade. I still have a few who want to nap but I have to remind them they are in first grade now and we do not do that anymore. We are still working on our classroom routines and procedures.

This is a great group of students. They work well together and are willing to help each other – sometimes a bit too much. I feel blessed to be a part of your child’s academic career. Thank you so much for the honor of being your child’s teacher.

Mrs. Runyon, M.Ed.


First Grade Room 1B

1B_MaysonetThis month in first grade, students have been working hard in mastering their counting by  2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and counting down from 20. We also have learned about biographies and  were able to write one about a classmate. This month we look forward to starting our  centers in reading and writing. One fun project first grade did together was, an experiment  with soap, milk, dye, and cotton swaps! Take a look at our students patiently waiting to  see what is about to happen 🙂

-Ms Maysonet

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